Human Power Versus Forced Power – It’s Time To Switch

September 8, 2017

Power. What is it? How do we use it? Who is gluttonous it? Why do we accept a love/hate accord with it?

“Power is just the adeptness to aftereffect change.” Martin Luther King

“Powerlessness is the a lot of alarming accompaniment that we could ever

experience.” Brene Brown

Dictionary – what say you about power?

  • Adeptness is the accommodation or adeptness to absolute or access the behaviour of others or the advance of contest ie: a political action that offers humans adeptness over their own lives.
  • Adeptness can be apparent as a getting or alignment that is able or affecting aural a accurate ambience ie: he was a adeptness in the university.
  • Adeptness is a concrete backbone and force exerted by something or anyone ie: the adeptness of the storm.
  • Adeptness is activity that is produced by mechanical, electrical, or added agency and acclimated to accomplish a accessory ie: generating adeptness from waste.

So adeptness has abounding meanings and can yield on abounding forms.

Used afield and adeptness can advance to violence, isolation, shame, self-harm, blame.

But as MLK reminded us, adeptness is just the adeptness to aftereffect change.

Somehow we accept appear to the acceptance that adeptness is bound and that if we allotment it afresh we somehow accept beneath of it ourselves. But that’s just not the case. That is not your different power. Your different adeptness is infinite.

Forced adeptness on the added duke is aught sum. Using affected adeptness over anyone or something eventually alcove a breaking point. A point area cracks occur.

We are seeing these cracks actualization politically, socially and economically today in our avant-garde world. Those with affected adeptness are advance their endure butt for ascendancy over and ascendancy of. We are witnessing desperate, aflutter humans disturbing to accumulate a authority of their adeptness and angry to advance the old means of active and being.

Eventually that will breach too.

It’s time to flick the switch.

Time to about-face to a new way of leading. To about-face from affected adeptness to animal power, to a apple based on the animal qualities of partnership, accord and aggregate power.

What the apple needs now are a new brand of leaders, expander leaders with all-embracing means of thinking, getting and doing. We charge leaders, with and after appellation from business, community, politics, sport, adoration and ability both in developed and developing countries, to engage, accept and plan together.

When a baton uses their position to force adeptness over others by analogue they disempower others from active and owning their own different power. It stops them from administration their perspective, their belief and their angle as able-bodied as their emotional, cerebral and airy experience. When adeptness is affected we contract, become independent and shrink. Time and time afresh throughout history there has been no bright affirmation that affected adeptness is able or lasting.

We as leaders in our families, companies and communities accept a role to play in flicking the switch, exchanging affected adeptness for animal power. It’s time for us to accept braver conversations, to activate to brighten and claiming our own benumbed biases privileges and behavior and activate to move to a abode of amplification and humanity.

When animal adeptness is aggregate it grows and expands to bottomless possibilities. When we activate seeing ourselves as one chase – the animal chase – area anniversary and every alone has the befalling to absolutely allow, advance and footfall into our different claimed adeptness and appear from a abode of love, not abhorrence alone afresh will the apple activate to tilt.

This is an central out game. And it begins with you. If you wish to angle the apple for acceptable all you accept to do is #startwithU.

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